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Whether I should out of the box ERP or should it be customized?

If out of the box ERP exactly fits your requirement, go for it. Unfortunately, no ERP can be used 100% without customizing.

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We pride of a strong team of certified Python experts and Odoo consultants who hold expertise in this field.

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Why Manufacturing Needs ERP Software?

Manufacturing is a niche process where lots of things to be considered to bring out the perfect product. As far as a manufacturer's concern, He needs to make sure the product is with perfect quality and it should be financially viable for him to run with the business. Human errors are bound to happen and automation is the solution to reduce such errors. So the first step of bringing the automation is to have an ERP in the first place. Manufacturing ERP Software will help companies to calculate exact raw materials required, exact manpower needed, helps to identify optimized production plan, minimum wastages, and minimal downtimes and thus to accurate costing and precise production cost. ERP helps to track the process in each and every stage helps to take inventory of raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods and scrapped and reworked quantities too at any point of time. Also, it helps to material requisition planning and accurate production time required. Also, it helps to do better Quality Control.

How Manufacturing ERP Software help's  Manufacture

Productivity can be increased using ERP Software. This is possible by identifying the production downtimes and idle times of the machinery, load balancing and load handling in multiple stages versus the product capacity of each stage. By doing proper material planning also the increased productivity can be achieved and also through reduced rework and reduced or nil wastage due to a flaw in the process. Accurate material usage can be tracked. Also, the exact quantity and cost can be identified for semi-finished goods and finished goods.

ERP Manufacturing Lifecycle

There can be two types of manufacturing. Make to Stock or Make to Order. Make to stock means, Production will be done in plant and stocked in warehouse and then sales are made for the available stock. Make to Order means, any production against the Sales ORder from the customer. In both cases, a Production ORder is created initially. Production order will have the details such as required finished goods output quantity, raw materials required for the production, details of work centers and production lines, and details about different stages and QC required. Once the production is started, the raw materials are issued to the shop floors, output quantity of each stage can be reported, QC readings are entered and the system will decide whether to accept or reject or rework and finally the finished goods are reported and final quantity is moved to the warehouse.

What are the points to be considered while choosing a consultanting company

Choosing the right ERP implementer is more important than choosing a product. Because all the ERP's should be properly configured based on the need. If the configuration is wrong, whether the software is opensource or paid or cheaper or costlier doesnt matter. You will not get the desired output. So what should be the criteria of the right implementor? The simplest way, first tell your prospect implementor to describe your manufacturing process completely. If he is experienced and knows the process and your expectations, then he is the right fit. Else identify another.

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