The School Management Systems which Never Let’s You Down

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We have wide experience in ERP Installation and Odoo Customization for the past two decades. So, I proudly say we offer the best School Management Systems you will ever get.

Let me take this straightaway, the features that our School Management Systems has got for your Schools is Intact.

Fee Management

One of the important segment in managing educational institutions is fee management.

Also, we have different types of features in our School Management Systems that will allow you to manage your fees more prominently.

Manage Your Fee

In our School Management Systems, you have the advantage of defining the type of school fees to be collected from a specific semester/year.

Also, it enables you defining fee groups according to the school rules.

And you can also apply grouped fee as required, such as stationary see, uniform fee, transportation fee, tuition fee etc.

Our Fee Management feature in School Management Systems can be relied on:

  1. Defining Different Fee Groups Accordingly.
  2. Applying defined Fees to the Students as needed.
  3. Accepting Fees by Cheque, Credit card, Cash.
  4. Applying Penalties.
  5. Updating quick Increase In the Fees.
  6. Accepting Fee In Instalments.
  7. Applying last Minute Discounts on Fees.

Receive Your Fees

Our School Management Systems is automated to calculate the pending fee & penalty if any student fails to make the payment as assigned to the fee structure.

You gain the advantage of getting paid through various modes of payment.

It automatically records all the transactions and updates accounts for you.

Selected ledger account can be printed at your convenience.

Fee Management feature In our School Management System will allow you to:

  1. Print customized Receipts.
  2. You can send SMS/Email receipt to Student/Parent.
  3. Receive Fee In Installments.
  4. Adjust penalty amounts.
  5. Give concession to the applicable students.

Collecting Fee

Through our School Management System, you will be able to manage the fee collection.

Total fees collected In a particular date can be calculated and checked later if needed.

You will also gain the advantage to transfer the complete data to an excel file.

You can get the following advantages too:

  1. Quickly Knowing the amount collected as fees.
  2. Any mode of payments including advance payments or discounts provided can be attained by a glance.
  3. The fee collected this day or any other day can be easily taken out.

Our School Management Software will provide you with different reports which enables you to have the complete summary of the collected amount and the pending fees.

Some of the reports which can be Obtained:

  1. Daily fee collection details.
  2. Outstanding fee details (student wise).
  3. Outstanding fee details (month wise).


With our School Management Systems, managing examination related time-table for any kind of examination will become easier than ever.

Our School Management Systems enables you to create exam schedules for an academic year/semester.

You can define the Instructions you have for your examination accordingly.

It shows results in both percentage or grades.

In short, It does a lot more:

  1. Manages examination schedule efficiently.
  2. Examination schedule for each Semester/year can be added.
  3. Defines exam date.
  4. Exam results can be transferred to excel sheets quickly.
  5. Examination results can be sent through SMS/Emails.

Student Management

The School Management System helps you to get any student details with a click of a button.

This not only Include personal data also data containing previous academic achievements, scholarship details, qualifications with other Interests.

At the time of student creation, you can have a different roll number and registration number assigning the student with a different yet unique one.

Our School Management Software stores all the Information needed to manage a school.

The benefit of our School Management system are:

  1. All student details can be quickly uploaded to excel sheets.
  2. Student picture can be added along with other details.
  3. Emergency contact details can be added along with guardians details.
  4. You can attach any student achievements along if any.
  5. Logins for online login can be created.
  6. Sending Email/SMS to students/parents/guardians.
  7. Paid fee & Failed Fee will be detailed for your visibility.
  8. Any pending fees can be found out at a glance.


The payroll featured in our School Management Systems will manage all the payroll related task with ease.

At the time of defining a salary structure, you will be able to set the rules for calculating the allowances and deductions if any.

Also, you will be able to track & manage the leave taken by your staff and also categorize them (Sick leave/Casual leave).

You can define various rules for leave applicability.

The payroll feature In our School Management Systems enables you to:

  • Leave start month.
  • Leave available year.
  • Is paid for next year, Is carry forwarded etc.

A School Management System enables you to issue and also track the loans lent to the employees.

Also, you can also add a new loan detail to it.

Our School Management Systems automatically calculates the net salary,

Also, It calculates the gross salary of each employee.

It will consider the working day and the salary structure of the employee before calculating.

Our School Management System will make the pay slips as complete or as brief as you want it to be.

Also, we provide a great amount of customization on pay slip that provides employee detail:

  1. Identification number.
  2. Name.
  3. Worked days
  4. Absent days.
  5. Salary deducted.

Finally, these are some of the details that they contain. You are benefited with an Information printed payslip with any design of your choice & have a track of it.

Inventory Management

In addition, school Management Software Systems offers many Interesting features when it comes to Inventory management,

they are:

  1. Categorization of products.
  2. Tracking the products across locations.
  3. Item price management.

Now, let’s see how our School Management System will manage your Inventory.

Item Management

Firstly, it will help you create your School’s Inventory Items by letting you know these following factors:

  1. Purchase price.
  2. Measuring units.
  3. Conversation factors etc.

Finally, his feature will help you customize School Management Systems according to your needs. It will:

  1. Product Image can be added.
  2. Create a category & categorize Item accordingly.
  3. Opening stock of an Item can be added.
  4. The data file can be added to School Management Systems.


The Reorder feature in our School Management System will enable you to have department wise Reorder levels for Inventory Items.


Also, view the Items that are below the reorder level and you can raise purchase orders accordingly.

Our School Management System takes care of complete stock management for you.

Stock Ledger

View the department wise opening and closing stock of specific Item with stock Ledger feature Included In our School Management Systems.

Library Management

Firstly, our School Management Systems Includes Library Management which easily helps you to maintain records of Issued, Reissued and Overdue Books.

Catalogue every book with ease also, create Library Items such as Books and other digital mediums with the specified number of copies.

Also, track the date of Issue and return of an Item In the Library.

Define Rules & Regulations to be followed by the Library- It notifies the book limit for student/teacher as well as It states and calculates the penalty dues for overdue books.

With Our Library Management feature in the School Management System for You will:

  • Create barcodes in customized formats.
  • Transfer Library Item to an excel file.

Course Management

First of all, you will be able to define the verity of courses that you offer In your Schools/ Colleges/ Universities with our School Management Systems.

Easily enrol the students in the selected courses at the time of admission.

Course Management featuring In Our School Management System will:

  1. Set the course type and duration of the course.
  2. Explain the various courses offered.
  3. Set Lab sessions if any.
  4. Assigning students to a course.
  5. Manage various classes.

And any features related to Your needs can be met through us.

Access Rights

The Access Rights featured in our School Management Systems is highly customizable, thus:

  • The Access Rights enable/disable the access from various logins.
  • You will be able to create user groups and many other groups.
  • Also, you can add additional passwords in any of the function.
  • It will also support a cloud account, which means accessibility from anywhere in the world.

School Management

With our School Management Systems, the advantage of managing multiple Schools/ Institutions and colleges will benefit you in numerous ways.

Our School Management Systems empowers you to:

  • Sets up a default SMS report of any kind.
  • Get up to weekly holidays for your schools.

Institute Management

Institute Management featuring our School Management Systems keeps a separate book of accounts for each School/ Institutes under a single database.

Also, you can create logins and give them the access to certain Institutions.

Institute Management featuring Our School Management System enables you to:

  1. Effortlessly define one or more Institutions.
  2. An Institute may have one or more Schools under It.

Student Attendance

  1. Day wise attendance.
  2. Class wise attendance.

Day Wise Attendance

Day wise Attendance will enable you Identifying whether a student is present.

If present did he/she attend all the classes or not.

This feature also enables you to send the daily Attendance through SMS/Email.

Class Wise Attendance

The advantage of recording attendance for each period. 

It displays the periods assigned to a teacher as per School Time-Table.

This will also, provide you with subject wise Attendance of each student.

The student Attendance featured in our School Management enables a School to record as well as monitor Student Attendance by:

  • Managing all Your student attendance.
  • Planning which mode of attendance to choose.
  • Generating Reports of student attendance by selecting the mode of attendance.

Time-Table Management

Time-Table Management is Simple yet Flexible enough to change accordingly.

Its flexibility allows you to make any necessary corrections in the rules defined before.

Also, Edit, Review, finalize and adjust It to meet Your practical needs.

Time-Table Management featuring our School Management Systems helps you to:

  • Create Time-Table for each session and class.
  • Assign particular staff to the available Time slot.

The Batch Management

The Batch Management will Help you to plan your School, College or Institutional academic details.

This feature in our School Management System will define Time-Table for a special batch academically.

Batch Management featuring our School Management Systems will benefit you with:

  • Defining a Batch duration.
  • Defining theory & lab sessions.
  • Adding, Editing or Deleting a Batch whenever required.
  • Handling multiple courses in one Batch.

Stationary Management

It enables You to Issue Stationery Items such as Books, Uniform etc.

Generating Unique Stationary document which will promote you to exactly track the Issued Item.

Also, you can pick out from the list of Stationary for a specified Issued Stationary document.

The Stationary Management featuring our School Management Systems benefits you with:

  1. Recording stationary movement within your departments.
  2. Issuing employees with stationary Items.
  3. Also, a student can be an issue with stationary from any department.

Employee Management

It captures employee details such as personal information, qualification , salary details etc.

Also, you can provide login details In order to restrict or grant access accordingly.

The Employee Management feature In our School Management Systems will help you:

  • In adding Employee details efficiently with the help of excel support.
  • Create separate logins and Implement access based on their designations.
  • Attaching employee qualification certificates and other needed records.
  • In assigning the salary structure based on their designation.
  • To assign subjects based on their speciality.
  • Also, create an additional field for storing additional details.

Creating Reports

Creating Reports is a featured concept in our School Management Systems, It will help you:

  • Strengthening the Product Reports.
  • Data should be visible when needed and when not, we have worked on it.
  • Also,specific to your regional language.

Not only these there are many more things our School Management Systems will do:

  • We can send you Reports via Email/SMS.
  • Graphics Printer, as well as Dot Matrix printer mode for a report layout, is available.
  • Our custom reporting system is totally Free.

Penalty Management

You can set the Penalty rules as your policies.

Also, you can find the penalty at the time of receiving the Fee from a student.

Automatically calculates the penalty for you based on the Fee structure and the rules specified.

Also, set a separate penalty rule for different Fee Group.

Finally, the Penalty Management featuring our School Management Systems will never let any of It slip away.

It will allow you to:

  1. Free to define your own penalty.
  2. Also, you can calculate Penalty by a compound or simple Intrest.

Purchase & Supplier Management

Most of all, our School Management System Will amaze you with Its features when It comes to Purchase & Supplier Management.

Also, it shows how You can Manage the Purchase & Supplier management with our School Management Software.

Purchase order

This feature will help you to place an order for purchasing with the suppliers.

Also, you can Purchase what you have already agreed with the supplier and also you can specify the quantities.

Our School Management Software Will help you create a Purchase Order for the selected supplier and also tracks the order placed with the supplier.

Received Item Entry

You are able to create an Item entry when you receive Items from the supplier In our School Management Systems.

Also, when you have already received an Item from the supplier, Your Purchase Order Status will become complete.

This feature In our School Management Systems will help you In:

  1. Creating the received entry for Items received from the supplier.
  2. Adding any received Item entry for specific Purchase Order.
  3. Also, you can start making payment at the time of received Item entry or save a received Item entry In the pending status.

Pay Supplier

Also, our school Management system will help you in viewing all your pending and received Item-entries with the selected supplier.

Therefore, this feature of our School Management Systems will help you In:

  1. Making an advance payment to the supplier.
  2. Availability of multiple payment modes.
  3. Also, send an Email or an SMS to the supplier relating to the payment.

Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments assigned In our School Management Systems will help you with:

  1. Quick Homework assignment for specific class students.
  2. Sending SMS/Email and notify parents of daily home assignments.
  3. Maintaining Homework Assignment status for your students.
  4. Attaining the list of non-submitters of homework assignments.
  5. Attaching answer sheets, question papers by the student etc.

Subject Management

Finally, the subject management feature In our School Management System will define the complete subject details for you.

Also, subject Management feature In our School Management system will help you In:

  1. Defining respective subjects according to the courses You Offer. 
  2. Adding a new lab Or theory subject.
  3. Defining Books & syllabus for each subject accordingly.
  4. Stating Total Hours allowed for each subject.
  5. Also, adding lab to a Theory subject.

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