School Management Software You Want To Owe!

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Surviving a school or any educational institutions whether big or small is beyond a hectic job to carry out. A School Management Software is a feature in an ERP software which carries this hectic process easily out for you. The complete back-office functions in your educational institutions streamline with the best ERP software for school management.

Not just back-office, each and every department that falls under your school completely revives by the best School Management Software. Therefore, this is not just any vague promises that I am giving you people out there, who is likely seeking a best ERP software solution for your educational institutions.

Now I shall give you an idea what an ERP software really does to your school management process.

Best School Management Software Into Existence

An ERP software came into existence as the solutions for the enterprises. Enterprise resource planning software abbreviated as ERP software flourished out of the box. It has proven its efficiency in almost every department and fields of business organizations.

The experiments on what an ERP software can do to a School Management Systems begun early 1980’s. Soon it gets a place in some of the schools in those days and sooner the school management came to realize its efficiency and the fame spread like a wildfire.

Today, in this modern era, these School Management Software has gained overall acceptance Globally. The efficiency and capabilities of this ERP software have been growing from the very beginning and it opens newer opportunities to the school management to bring them on top.

What Best School Management Software Must Have

Top schools with all the needed facilities to grow are the ones which are prioritized by both parents and the student. And to be on top it is must to have a School Management Software which has all the features in it.

A School Management Software considers being the best, only if it ensures to be streamlining all the work process that comes to the functioning of your school. Today, it comes out with many modules to automate almost every department of your school.

Some of the must consider modules in School Management Software for your schools are:

Office Administration and Management
Exam Management
Library Management
Grades Management
Fee management
Attendance Management
Time-Table Management
Home-work Management
Hostel Management

These are some of the most common found modules under the best School Management Software.

All these are capable of completing your work-flow and streamlining to a much greater extent than you think.

Office Administration and Management

The complete Office Administration is systematically aligned with the best School Management Software. The main motto of any school management team is to deliver and prosper. And this is exactly what you gain from the best School Management Software.

A School Management Software helps your Management to Manage every department of your school from almost anywhere and at any time you want. All the Administration and back-office functions can be streamlined systematically. This will be the major solution every School Management will be looking for.

Exam Management

Exam Management is another high-end functional module that is found in today’s best School Management Software. Exam Management module helps you to manage the exam related troubles that arise during the exam time. It includes fixing the appropriate dates for the exam. Scheduling the Exam date without any confusions or troubles is one thing every Educational institution look forward to. The best School Management Software exactly does this for you.

Some added features in this module will alert both students and parents also, the teachers with the exam dates. Correspondingly they specify the subject which is assigned to the following date. This will help the parents to know the pre-fixed exam dates and this leads to the total turnaround to the old-days system. A system where the parents only got to know about the exams through the mouth of their child. This uncertainty of parental information has now been changed with this School Management Software.

Library Management

The library is a vital space to be Managed in School premises. A space with thousands of books is really hard to manage. That too a Library in a place like a school where thousands of students roam around becomes a hectic task for the librarian as well as you school management.

So it’s better to have the School Management Software Offline which completely solves this issue and provides completely hassle-free Library Management. A best School Management Software must contain a Library management as library becomes the vital part of a smart school.

A Library Management Software will ensure recording of the daily library functions such as:

Categorized displayed of books
Membership Dues
Assigning due date of books according to the book demand
Complete details on lent books
Checking fines to the lent books

These are some of the basic functionalities of a Library Management Software you have to look before getting any of the best School Management Software. An efficient Library Software system will deliver your school with added benefits.

Grade Management

Ensure Grade Management in your School Management Software which will benefit you in categorizing students under their respective grades. So, you can ensure an environment where you can give the necessary attention to the students with lower Grades.

You can see a hike in the overall academic results with this feature in your School Management Software. Many international schools have proven the Grade Management will help the students to raise their student’s potential. Yes, certainly the best School Management Software improves the efficiency of the entire school both tangible and intangible.

Fee Management

This is an added feature in the best School Management Software to manage the inevitable part of an Offline School Management Software. Fee Management thrives to give various advanced features to deploy in the modern schools.

A Fee Management module helps you to ascertain the following:

Fee paid in advance
Calculation of Fee
The remainder of Fee day
Fee due
Fine determination

These are the main functions of a Fee Management module in a Online School Management Software.

Also, this will enable schools to get a streamlined Fee payment scheme. Therefore, all the records regarding Fee payment are kept within the best School Management Software.

Thus, it becomes easy for handling all the accounting work and unnecessary calculations. That is likely to arise during the time of Fee payment nullifies. All who fail to pay the Fee on the payment date are send with reminders and the Fine assigned to it can be calculated automatically.

Hence, this Feature in the School Management ERP Software will enable you to handle anything that comes under Fee Management with ease.

Attendance Management

A perfect Attendance calculation is something you require from an Attendance Management module. Therefore, it falls under best School Management Software you need to owe. With this module, you advance into a hi-tech school in front of our society.

Fee Management

Also, if a student fails to attend any of his classes, the report submits to his guardian. Also, This feature in the Online School Management Software enables schools to ascertain whether the particular student is having eligibility to write the exam without any confusion.

This helps in the hassle-less decision-making ability for the management.

You will never come to know how much time you are going to save in each of the periods with a School Management Software. So, get the best School Management Software for the smooth functioning of your school.

Time-Table Management

All the daily/ weekly Time-Table detail accurately without any hassles in between. If the pre-determined Time-Table needs to change due to certain shifts or sudden activity, School Management Software Offline re-arranges the existing Time-Table into a new re-written one with a matter of few clicks.

Home-Work Management

The best SMS helps the teacher to Manage the Home-Work assigned for the students. Even reports on this can be notified to the respective parents of those students who fail to submit the assigned homework. The proper records are kept in order to appraise the student who does homework without fail. A School Management Software benefits students, parents, teachers and management equally.

Hostel Management

If your school provides Hostel facility to your students and faculty it is mandatory to have the best School Management Software System. Also, the Hostel Management module in School Management Software will help you to take care of anything that comes under Hostel Management.


It’s not just these features which include the best School Management Software. It is juz a very few common modules which comprise in this article. But it’s not the case when you use a Customized ERP software. In short, a customized School Management Software according to your work process and functioning can streamline all the work-process and automates all the functions of your school-functioning.

Always choose an Open Source ERP software, for example, let us say Odoo. Odoo is an Open source ERP software which Provides one of the best School Management Software Systems.

Now let me say why Odoo:

It is an open source (freemium)
All features are available
High customizations

Therefore there is a lot of advantage in choosing Odoo as your ERP solution in School Management Software system for your schools.

Finally, find a reliable ERP vendor who does all the customizations according to your school functions and one who assures you complete support throughout your partnering of the School Management Software.

School Management Software You Want To Owe!
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