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First, create the payment method or edit the existing payment method with type selected as “Bank” and tick the “Bill Info required”. Then click save.
Point Of Sale–>Payment Methods.

Click “Add an item” under the “Available Payment Methods”.

Then select the payment method that you have created earlier.

And then click “Save”. Now the card payment method is added to the POS.

The payment steps are now shown below.

1: Select products and click “Payment”.

2: Choose the payment method as”card” an additional in the pop-up window will appear.

3: In the pop-up window enter the corresponding bill number and click “Confirm”.

Then click “Validate”.

The bill number that you entered in the popup window can be seen in the “Orders” form.

POS Advanced Order Notes

Set predefined notes for separate product or entire order.

Key features:

  • Set predefined notes for a separate product
  • Set predefined notes for the entire order
  • Don’t spend your time on specific product or order notes manually
  • Create any number of notes
  • Ability to apply several notes simultaneously

How It Works

Go to Point of Sale → Configuration → POS Product Notes menu and create any number of notes. As a result in POS the notes are displayed depending on sequence value.

Product Notes

Open POS session and click on the “Note” button. By default, you can see Product Notes.

Order Notes

To add a note to entire order switch to Order Note.

Click on the “Other” button to see all predefined notes.

Additional feature: automatically applied notes

Open product form and go to the “Notes” tab. And you can set note that will be applied automatically, once you add this product to an order in POS.

POS Order Cancel

Save removed products of POS order.
And then store all cases of product removing and allow to specify reasons for it.

Key features:

  • The cashier is asked for a reason for removing any product or whole order
  • Use predefined reasons
  • Track all cancelled orders and products with reasons in the backend

How It Works

Cashier removes Order.

Cashier removes Product

Everything is saved!

Analyzing of refunds in Restaurant

The waiter specifies refund reason to avoid serving mistakes in future.

Key features:

  • The waiter is asked for a reason for removing any product or whole order
  • Use predefined reasons
  • Track all refunded orders and products with reasons in the backend
  • Protection from fraud “Waiter takes cash and removes products”

How It Works

Cashier removes Product

Everything is saved and ready for analyzing!


Ask reason for kitchen orders

All Facts of removing are registered at the backend in any way.

POS Kitchen screen

How to use

To set the kitchen delay(time to deliver the order), go to
PointOfSale–>Configuration–> PointOfSale–>Edit


Here you also can see the POS screen, Click “Order” to send the order to the kitchen.


Eg: http://localhost:9696/pos/kitchen_screen#

The blue colour represents the order placed with delay time to spare. Ans when the delay time expires the colour changes to yellow.

Merge Tables

How to use

To switch on “Merge Table” option, Click on the “Merge Table” checkbox. Go to
PointOfSale–>Configuration–> PointOfSale–>Edit

Select any table. For eg Selectable T1 and take orders.

Whereas selecting any other table you want to merge. For eg, we take “T2”

Then by clicking on “Merge”. A pop-up will appear. Select the table you wish to merge with and click “Merge”. For eg, we choose “T1”.

As a result, you can see table T1 is merged with table T2.


How to use

This helps you to know the customer feedback.

Click on the “Feedback” button.

In the below form fill the details and click “Ok”

Admin can see the feedbacks in the “Feedback” Menu.

View Previous Orders

How to use

This module allows us to list the previous orders.

A new button is added for this purpose.

While you click on this button a new list will appear, which will show all the previous orders. Retail Billing Software, you have already validated an order or created an invoice, the corresponding order will be updated on this list.

You will never have to refresh the browser or close the session. It is also possible to search among the list with order reference.

Therefore, clicking on the ‘Orders’ button, you can see all orders list.

As a result, you can search orders by their reference Retail Billing Software.

For each order, you will see a button ‘View’.

By clicking on this button, you can see the details of that particular order on Retail Billing Software.

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POS Payment – Reliable & More Faster Retail Billing Software
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