Your Own Restaurant POS Software Starts Yielding For You

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Yes, It’s true. Your own Restaurant POS Software starts Yielding for You. I say this from my past experience and you can count on my words.

Our Restaurant POS Software systems enrich your restaurant businesses in all these following ways that have been detailed below:

Pictorial Billing

Your Billing Is made easier than ever through pictorial billing & touchscreen technology.

Selecting an item will picture display on the invoice screen.

Manual price control system. So, you can select price even for the items with various prices.

You can create multiple price lists and also, enable different payment method to accept payments.

All the Home delivery orders, dine in & takeaways are easily taken care of.

The search filters are intact for much easier search & your Item category can be viewed wisely.

You can set your own data view.

Offers can be notified to customers regarding the product which they are looking for.

Order Management

The dashboard in ourRestaurant POS Software enables all the order type in a single view.

This billing software defines your own workflow. Thus, our Restaurant POS Software enables you to complete order management.

Tracking is made simpler than ever before. The advantage of early tracking at each & every order based on the workflow is perfectly defined.

Recording each delivery order and maintaining & scheduling of the particular delivery staff can be done by our Restaurant POS Software.

All your order slip & sales invoice can be printed on two printers at the same time.

Both the customer copy and the other order placed by the customer prints at the kitchen at the same time.

Delivery Management

Our Odoo Customization based Restaurant POS Software is filled with features that you will love. It will not only look after the dining needs but also take cares of your timely delivery and pickups.

Also, you can have a different price list for different requirements.

You have an advantage of storing various customer addresses too.

Attaching a delivery staff to particularly each delivery order will enable you to maintain a perfect record for each delivery made.

Table Management

Our Restaurant POS Software will be best at managing tables for your customers. Not only tables apart from that,

the Restaurant POS Software will also take care of your Hall management, Delivery, Takeaways and also kitchen order.

Calculating the number of tables left Free In your Restaurant and assuring your customers with a seat without hesitating is a very much appreciated aspect of our Restaurant POS Software System.

Our Restaurant POS Software System monitors every status of the table and keeps you Informed when a table is likely to be available.

Different Price list for different halls can be quickly obtained using our Restaurant POS Software.

Table management system in our Restaurant POS Software will show the tables as reserved when the reservation for a particular table arrives.

Making the most out of our POS Software System you get the advantage of checking the availability of a table on a future date and reserving it in advance for your customers.

KOT- The Kitchen Order Token

Our Restaurant POS Software consists of a feature-rich and flexible management system known as the KOT- Kitchen Order Token.

You will be able to maintain a single billing system through KOT. Even If the goods are delivered to the customers at different counters the KOT software will unite all your billing functions.

One can print bills on different printers at a same or different countered Items in a network.

You can print a KOT even if your Invoices are incomplete.

KOT’s can be viewed from the Invoices, advance booking documents and even under estimates.

Even if the invoice is not generated, one can view their KOT printed.

KOT can be sent as an SMS for both you & Customer at the very time of creation itself.

Our Restaurant POS Software includes KOT which keeps perfect print count for each KOT.

BOM management

Our Restaurant POS Software will help you in the estimation of the raw materials you require to prepare a food item for a particular order.

Bill of material for each menu can be ascertained along with its making cost.

BOM also allows you to prepare the food at the time of an order and reduces the wastage of food. This will result in an overall profit of your restaurant.

Our Restaurant POS Software will help you set the sales price as it calculates the overall manufacturing cost of the Item.

It calculates the sales price for you only by entering the profit percentage.

Point Of Sale- The POS Software

Complete Inventory and stock management are created by our Restaurant POS Software In order to run your business in hassles way.

Quick excel upload is enabled.

Create your own categories and sub-categories which will help you to have different views of Inventory.

Any time change is acceptable in your line of products.

Tracking the quantity of Ingredient and materials.

Re-ordering is notified at the correct time and thus you can sustain the level of low running stock.

Correcting the missing stock document is easier than before.

Knowing batch date and expiry date can do good to your restaurant business.

Support for Excel files is assured doing stock audits.

Tracking your dump stock i.e wastage will give you a clear Idea to reduce this wastage in the future.

Restaurant POS Software for Financial Accounting

We, through our Restaurant POS Software, assures you complete financial accounting including billing and Inventory management.

All required systematic accounts are auto generated.

Any number of additional financial accounts can be created.

Flexibility in defining various views of the financial accounts.

Tax Management POS System Software

Simple and Flexible yet Powerful Tax definition in our Restaurant POS Software.

Additional Tax at Invoice level can be applied also, adding Tax while defining an Item is made easier.

Taxes like VAT and service tax can be managed by our Restaurant POS Software.

Tax definitions can be changed from time to time as the tax applicability changes.

Customer Management System

The customer record is created much quicker than ever.

Customers can be grouped in many different ways.

Managing customer credit limits can be set much easier through our Restaurant POS Software.

All the payments dues are shown to your customer by customer.

Notifications regarding pending payments are sent to the customers through SMS/E-mails.

Discount coupons, Gift cards and loyalty programs can be easily set up.

Employee Management Advantage

Every Employee gets the advantage of using their own username & password.

Accessibility can be assigned according to employee work or role played.

Work shift and weekly holidays of your employees can be managed.

Sales summary of a particular employee and sales invoice can be assigned.

Cash register can be assigned to each employee and transactions under cash register can be analyzed.

Data Correction by Using POS Software

The much-secured way through which editing and deleting of invoices.

Easy auditing and data correction capabilities.

Invoice numbers can be shifted to fill the gaps of wrong invoices.

Purchase entries can be edited or deleted with ease.

Data corrections related to transaction records are auto managed smartly.

Correct the data with our Restaurant POS Software.

Collect Daily Sales Report Perfectly

The quick view of daily sales bills.

Last few bills can be pulled out with a single click of a button.

Analyzing the daily sales.

Sales totals can be viewed at any time, which is in at any time.

Sales invoices can be customized.

Own invoice format can be created.

Invoice brand can be established.

You have the advantage of printing the Invoices in your regional language.

Also, you can add terms & conditions to your Invoice.

SMS Support

It integrate with SMS gateway provider.

SMS feature in our Restaurant POS Software will work under single dongle.

Sending the Invoices and receipts through SMS that too In your regional language.

The business owner is able to get reports on daily sales, Stock position, cash register, balance and much more.

Get Financial Reports Anywhere

Our Restaurant POS Software will help you run several reports which can be customized according to your business requirements.

You will be able to list out the most selling product from your product list.

A clear-cut report can be obtained on your fast-moving Items.

Another aspect is that you will be able to get a prominent report on your Profit & loss account and balance sheet.

Also get reports on your dump stock.

Set up your staff according to the rush hour report & Sales report produced by our Restaurant POS Software.

You can view the daily sales statistics, short stock & stock Item reports.

Find Event log

Record the data changes In your database and control it totally.

Take the advantage of knowing whats happening in your shop even at your absence.

Item details are updated even if you create your own event.

An Item detail can be changed by defining an event.

Creating an Event for any objective.

You get notified of an Event through SMS or email.

Our Restaurant POS Software will help you restrict access from different applications within the same computer.

It is extremely flexible in handling user roles. which will help you restrict access to a login Id & Action History.

Discount coupons & offers

Our Restaurant POS Software defines shop wise offers for your customers at one single location.

It helps you to create various types of attractive schemes & promotional offers which are going to attract more number of customers.

Spot discounts facilities enabled for last moment discounts for special customers.

Different types of discount coupons can be created.

Coupons can be printed and send through Email or SMS to your customers.

Making handout coupons and creating a newspaper coupon and much more. scheduler

The SMS & Email facilities in our Restaurant POS Software system delivers critical Information that you need to know.

You can also set particular times to get notified.

Log In time and log out time will be notified.

These are the Highlighted aspects of our Restaurant POS Software. Now you know the new innovative way of today. Don’t let your business go to sleep with the old & outdated ways. Always think big innovative ideas to Uplift your business pProcesses. Our Restaurant POS Software will access you smoothly through it. Good luck.

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