Top 3 advantages of POS System in Restaurant Management

  • February 17, 2018
  • POS
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Our Smart POS System delivers a unique featured on Integrated eCommerce Website.

If you already possess a Smart POS, It’s ‘just a click’ easy to have your own website.

And do Make your Items in your store available online and start online sale Instantly.

Regular management of Data Is not Required across your offline store & online store.

Also, get your website developed At a very Low Cost.

Just know How Easy Is It to get online by experiencing our website Integration.

You won’t find this feature everywhere and you have my word on that.

Just activate Your eCommerce add-on service and stay ahead of the competition with our Smart Odoo Customization ERP POS Software.

Select the Templates from the Multiple templates which will fit perfectly on all mobile phones and tablets.

1. Smart Billing with Our Smart POS Billing Software

Our Smart POS will get your store quickly online by providing a companion eCommerce website.

All the Stock, Products, Prices and Images will sync Into your website with just a single click.

This Smart POS will completely Integrate the website for you.

The Real-Time changes reflect on your website too.

Website generated orders will show in the Smart POS monitor at your store.

Also, Integrate your Online store with a payment portal and gain the access to the world.

2. A simple setup for any online store

Design and customize your e-Commerce with all your requirements with this Smart POS.

You can make your product catalogue available on the Internet with Smart POS.

You can also classify It according to your wish.

Represent your products with multiple Images for categorization.

Smart POS will enable you to change the description as you enter and Its Real-Time.

Get advanced Search filters by creating custom fields.

Time-slots can be specified for the online deliveries.

The customer gets the priority to specify the Time of delivery.

3. Know your customer’s experience

Customers can view your website and all the Images & Items that you provide.

Easy navigation is enabled through your website.

Customers will be able to view last order review also with quick repeat orders.

Customer will feel secured by creating their own login password to place an order.

They receive an Email confirmation regarding the order placed.

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