Why Odoo Customization For Your Perfect Business Software?

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What is Odoo ERP Customization?

Odoo is an all in one business suit. Odoo ERP Customization streamlines your complete business process as well. In short, it is an ERP software developed from a whole community of developers.

It is an Open source ERP software, which means it is totally Free!

So, Odoo is an ERP software which is available Free on the internet. Which means anyone can download it from the internet and use it according to their convenience. This makes Odoo ERP Customization a cost-effective ERP software compared with other high-end software systems.

Also, Odoo is written in python and another easy programming languages which make Odoo easy customizable. Therefore, it enables businesses to align their business functions properly.

Odoo Its Features & Modules in Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo has a variety of features which are perfect-fit modules for the business departments.

Each module in Odoo is capable of streamlining the entire process of a particular business department.

Therefore, with a high-end Odoo ERP Customization each and every module in this ERP software can be altered into a perfect-fit business tool. A business tool which reduces the workload of the entire employees in your firm.

Also, it transforms into one which completely secures and safeguards your business from falling apart.

The Main Modules in Odoo Includes:

Enterprise Module
Human Resource Management
Logistic Management
Accounting & Finance Management
Customer Relationship Management
Project Management
E-Commerce management

These are the main modules which include in an Odoo ERP software. Each of the main modules highlights corresponding departments in a business. And also these modules undergo further Odoo ERP Customization and ensures the whole of the business process gets aligned.

Enterprise Module

Enterprise Module is mainly used in manufacturing automation marketplace. Which means it is mainly used in the manufacturing department to transfer the shop floor or to get the status of the products.

Also, the necessary Odoo ERP Customization are done to Enterprise Module to form different sub-modules which may fit into other sub-departments.

Such sub-modules are:

Sales Management
Purchase Management
Point Of Sale (POS)
Services Management
Invoice Management

Furthermore, perfect Odoo Customization can give you the finely knitted ERP suit for your businesses.

Human Resource Management Module

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a high-end module in Odoo. It will help you in streamlining the entire HR department in your organization. Also, it will take care of the attendance & leaves taken by your employees.

It also looks after the holidays in a calendar year with the perfect skill management technique. Also, with perfect Odoo ERP Customization, you can create something which takes care of every problem that is likely to arise within the HR department of your organization.

Some sub-modules of HRD in Odoo are:

Expense Management
Holiday Management
Attendance Management
Skill Management

Further in-depth Odoo ERP Customization can lead to the complete automation in the workflow of you HRD.

Logistic Management Module

Logistic Management is another key module in the Odoo Open Source ERP software which highlights the quality, price lists, repairs and products. It mainly deals with warehousing and manufacturing.

It will also help you with the shipping of goods etc…

With further Odoo ERP Customization, one can Take their logistic department into greater heights.

Sub-modules of Logistic management include:

Manufacturing Management
Wharehouse Management
Products & Pricelist Management
Quality & Repair Management

Accounting & Finance Management Module

Accounting & Finance management module is another high-end module in Odoo. Also, appropriate Odoo ERP Customization according to the business financial methods, a business can maintain up-to-date Financial records and Accounting strategies.

Therefore it ensures the complete analytics of the accounts, budget, assets etc…

Accounting & Finance Management is having sub-modules which include:

Analytic Accounting
Accounting Management
Payments Management
Asset Management
Bank Interfaces
Budget Management

Also, in-depth software customization in this Accounting & Finance Module will help you create an easy up-to-date Financial report for your business audit.

Customer Relationship Management Module

Customer Relationship Management Module or a CRM Module helps you to generate a lead by managing customers. You will also find there are different methods and ways in which a customer can be targeted.

Also, CRM Module helps you find different opportunity and exactly find the solution to increase your profits.

Also with the best of ERP software customizations, you can find different possible possibilities which lead to the lead conversions.

The sub-modules of Odoo CRM software includes:

Opportunity Tracking
Customer Relationship Management
Lead management
Direct Marketing Strategies
Phone calls
Mail Gateways

Project Management Module

Management of Projects is easier no with the project management module in an Odoo ERP software.

Also, with prompt Odoo Customization according to your business process, you can streamline all the timesheets. Also, management of the business operations and the complete Financial Management can be taken care of with a project management module.

The sub-modules of project management include:

Financial Management
Operation Management
Timesheets Management

E-commerce Management Module

It is very much important to keep up your E-commerce store up alive with an Odoo E-commerce management module. Also, for this Odoo has created an Efficient E-commerce module to keep your E-commerce store in front always.

With further software customizations of these sub-modules this E-commerce Management Module, one can get precise output from this Odoo ERP Software.

The sub-modules include:

Magento Integration
Amazon.com Integration
eBay Integration
Shipping Integration
Payment Integration
Channel Advisor Integration

Further Integrating these integration tools you can get the maximum output for their E-commerce platform store.


Finally, we hope now you have come across the benefits of Odoo ERP Customization and how well it can unify your business workflow. Therefore, you are clear with the modules and features that Odoo the Open source ERP software provides.

Hence it is clear that software customizations are necessary for tailoring a perfect ERP suit for your business. Also, knowing your business process and which processes to be automated is very much vital for every business.

hence, we come to know the importance of every effort you take in to streamline your business. So, do take a little more of the time to take a critical decision ‘ Which business processes have to be streamlined?’

Let us finally say that Odoo Implementation or any other ERP Implementation can save you a ton of Time, Money & Energy.

Also, with all the above benefits one could get for their particular business, How can you refuse Odoo ERP Customization?

Why Odoo Customization For Your Perfect Business Software?
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