Human Resource Management App in Odoo ERP

Effective managing of employees is always an imperative task for most of the companies. In order to complete these requirements in a more efficient way, they need software called Human Resource Management (HRM)System.

HR Management System is a software that meets the needs of a company’s Human Resources Department to manage employee personal data, annual leave, payroll, training, skills, performance assessment, etc. Our HR management system meets the needs of the management of an employee’s personal data, system authentication, and authorization.

Odoo Human Resource (HR) software is a one-stop solution to streamline a companies administration to employee payroll. Increasingly, HR software is used to manage and grow talent, attract and retain employees, and long-term succession planning.

Features of Odoo HR Software
Record employee general information, photographs, attachment files, medical information, tax information, monthly timetable, payroll reports, medical and emergency medical insurance, and training records. Employee benefits form helps you to register all medical and detailed insurance programs for your employees.
The database records all employee information by name list, telephone list or department list. It helps you create HR payroll reports, and you can subsequently add your own report according to your requirements. Information on an employee’s job history can also be recorded in the database.
Payroll and employee data can be converted to Pdf and Excel format. It helps to create and keep records of employee performance. Information on grievance history( e.g. complaints, disputes, etc.) can also be maintained within the software.
The module helps to create department opening list, management records,
contact information of all applicants and to manage interviews with applicants. It also helps in the creation of the application form for Job seekers and keeps records on the document management system. Records all training records of employees.
Employees may enter and validate their requests which also helps the managers to get a detailed overview of their team leaves.

  • February 19, 2019
  • Anfal

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