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  • January 21, 2019
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SEO marketing: a long-term perspective

Inorder to understand what seo marketing means let us try to answer some important questions like What is SEO marketing and why do you need one? What does SEO marketing consist of and how does it work? How to make a website appear in top position in search results

SEO marketing is the optimization of the site (pages) of any website for search networks (google, bing, and others) in order to make appear those websites in the first positions for relevant search queries. Which as you understand, must directly resonate with your products and company.

Everyone likes the methods and actions that bring in money right here and now. But only the introduction of long-term methods gives a stable and predictable growth of your business. The use of marketing tools that do not work right now, but will give a tenfold effect in 3-6-12 months. And today we will look at what SEO marketing is and what factors need to be considered in order to bring your website or content to the top position in search engines reults page.

what is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is not a fast technology for getting partners and customers, but in the long run it is not replaceable and very useful. Therefore, if you have “all burn under your feet,” then pay attention to other effective advertising channels. But if you are fine, then get down to business. And let’s define what SEO promotion (marketing) is.

In fact, this is pseudo-advertising and it is better perceived by people, as they see your blog in search (and not in the ad unit), which means it believes that your services, your proposal, and your company fully meet their needs. And in this way, you will receive huge stable traffic to the site, while with paid advertising you would have been ruined a long time.

And the most important fact in this kind of promotion is that you receive targeted traffic from search engines “for free”, compared to the same contextual advertising, where you pay a lot of money per click.The word “free” is not entirely correct, since in order to optimize your blog, to make truly high-quality content and promote it in search networks, you need to invest a lot of work or money.

The main difference between SEO and other types of advertising is that most of the costs you incur at the beginning, and then reap the benefits of your investment.In some advertising niches, it is likely that you will spend one time at all, and more investments will not be necessary.

How it works in practice

Consider this question in a more practical language that is relevant to any classic business. And let’s imagine a few situations, and consider what you, as a business owner, can get from applying this type of advertising.

Example- Photography

You are a photographer, take great pictures. And you see that the competition in your field is simply insanely wild, but because now every third person is engaged in photography. Promoting your photo blog for direct requests, like “Photographer in calicut” is not reasonable.

In this case, you write articles for informational requests. Such searches that begin with the words “How”, “Where”, “What”. For such requests, people are looking for useful information.

And after people click on such a request, your task is to tactfully transfer them to your services, for example, show your photos taken already in these places.If you use this approach for marketing promotion, you will never be without work.

What does SEO marketing consist of ?

Almost all search engines work in such a way that, by their criteria, they raise a blog in positions, either higher or lower. At the same time, like the global ocean, no one has yet divined search engines even by 50% because of too many algorithms that change right every day.

Even the top managers of Yandex and Google cannot tell you at first glance why almost two identical blogs are with a difference of 100 positions. Everything is too complicated. A lot of factors that many underestimate.

At the same time, it is not the human factor that decides who will be in which place, machine learnin is responsible for this, practically artificial intelligence, which splices all the indicators on the basis of big data and isolates the most relevant blog (site) for the input query.

Technical component of the site

This is not necessary so that the search engine can rate your blog as “technically good for the user”. This assessment includes such “evil” words as: lack of circular references, 301 redirects, robots, sitemap, short URL h1-h5 headers and more.

Content, Images optimization

In order for search robots to appreciate your content, you need to create it according to certain laws .. Everything is as in a recipe, the main thing is the right ingredients.That is, in addition to writing unique and high-quality content (this is very important), you need to pick up keywords, embed optimized media files with prescribed ALTs, arrange them with an attractive appearance, write text size no less than that of competitors, and so on.

Optimization of external factors

The next step you need to do so that Yandex and Google see that your material is constantly mentioned on the Internet. To refer to its other sites, it was indicated in the comments to various publications, it is reposted in social networks.You can influence this yourself by buying links from other sites (there are special exchanges for this) or by ordering the n-th number of reposts on social networks on freelancer exchanges.

Behavioral factors

Try to make your material look as long as possible and a large number of people, so that they can comment so that they do not close it immediately after opening and add it to your bookmarks.In other words, you need to make the search robots see that people are interested in your material.That is, we pay attention to optimization and content in equal parts.

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