Why do Pharmacy Track It With An Open Source ERP Software?

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Almost all the major organizations are aware that free open source erp will provide an ideal ERP solution. In addition to, address both their information and regulatory needs in this present jet-age.

In the Pharmaceutical sector, present requirements focus on better product and process understanding. And also the elimination of risks critical to patients and consumers.

These challenges are efficiently addressed by integrated approaches offered by Odoo ERP system.

Where it is an free open source erp system. Which not only provide better control over their business processes. But also helps them in manufacturing products as per their requirements.

Pharmaceutical free open source erp

The free open source erp solution is the best  ERP solution for all pharmaceutical industries.

Much as, like manufacturers of vitamins, natural health. Also dietary supplement apart from the mainstream pharmaceutical products.

Odoo ERP Customization has been recognized as the best ERP solution among its customers. As they offer the complete integrated application that suits the company’s needs in all counts.

Earlier many pharmaceutical companies used MS excel paper-based system for running the business. Which consisted of manufacturing hundreds of products that used to take a lot of time. 

Furthermore, valuable resources in maintaining raw material inventory. Same determining the availability of those raw materials during manufacture.

Also, the maintenance of records of lot numbers used in the finished products, an obligatory and regulatory requirement.

Since these problems prompted pharmaceutical companies to seek an free open source erp. Which will provide real-time access to all their business activities.  

Odoo stays the best Open Source ERP software

In conclusion, they were able to find suitable free open source erp ‘Odoo’ that has the answer to all their problems.

Most of all, Odoo ERP contains many other features which were in alignment with all future requirements of the pharmaceutical company.

open source ERP software has a lot to offer to its customers. The prime benefits of the free open source erp system are:

  • Lower cycle times (less quarantine time)
  • Less time spent on entering, reviewing and approving data
  • Least on-hand inventory needed
  • With less inventory, only less storage space needed
  • Less time is needed to archive and store batch records
  • Lesser product waste generated
  • Higher yield obtained
  • Improves asset utilization (return on investment)
  • Alerting capability helps to fix problems quickly

open source ERP software; designed with operational efficiency

While operational efficiency requires an free open source erp that states every aspect of your business.

As a result, it helps to cut costs, enables the quick market presence of the product, improves customer relation and complies with regulations.

First of all, quality is the top concerned priority of any pharmaceutical company. Therefore, Odoo ERP software is designed in unique strategy fulfiling this concern.

In addition, Odoo ERP software for Pharmaceutical systems is designed to give end-users access to specific information.

Hence, the designed to allow customers, suppliers and employees to access role-specific records. Which collected probably from internal systems or from other data sources.


We provide a compelling gateway of information through our free open source erp for effective job operations.

As a result, it will Make use of personalization paradigm allowing each user’s experience. Most of all, tailored to their specific role probably by filtering out information overload.

Also, the real-time access to data and an easy to use interface makes Odoo Customization an integral part of your business strategy. Probably by providing the collaborative environment.

As a result, information made available to all stakeholders. Which is from employees to the customers and suppliers. This enables you with smoother transactions.

Hence, higher velocity in decisions and faster turnarounds.

We are Bassam Infotech, probably the perfect Odoo Pharmaceutical free open source erp provider for your businesses.

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