What’s Gonna Make Them Buy? Its Time For You To Rely on a CRM Software Company

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Human nature is typically “risk adverse”. They want what they want at the lowest risk possible.

The definition of risk differs for different people.

Some people would rather pay more to feel that something is going to perform better or sooner or more consistently.

Some people just want what ever’s cheapest of all.

A customer has – In their mind – a list of priorities they need to see from your product/service in order to make them feel comfortable to buy from you (which could often mean switching from their current provider).

These are the “must haves” you need to figure as a salesperson.

CRM software for your company will define your relationship with your companies.

Why it’s important to know!

Firstly, by understanding, someone’s “must have” – before you demo, test, quotation or compare – You and your customer have a common ground to talk from when measuring your offer vs. their criteria. ultimately a CRM software does this for you.

Being a consultant/Trusted Advisor

Beyond just the hard price (i.e. you being cheaper), some of the products or services your customer purchases may be hard to truly measure down to a specific amount of growth or savings.

Here is your opportunity to help the customer prioritizes their “wish list”. This will improve your customers’ experience with you. A CRM software company will help you grab this opportunity.


If, before a demo, test drive or trial, you have agreed with your customer to the “must have” list needed for them to buy or switch, you have a leg up and can talk to those points when you meet.


How big is the “Pain”?

At the end of the day, the most important ingredient that will ultimately cause them to invest the time and potentially buy from you (or switch to you) is how big their pain is right now?

It’s either big, small.

Big pain: Whereas if what you are offering, solves something very important to them, your chance of success is high. So, rely on a CRM software company to accomplish this.

Small pain: No matter how much your CRM software solution solves a problem or saves them money, if it’s not important to them, your chances of success are low.

If your topic/ CRM software solution Is important to them, proceed to steps 2, 3 and 4. 

And if not, ask yourself, should you bother?

Beyond price, now you need to figure out:

  1. What is going to make them purchase (or switch)?
  2. Unique features?
  3. Return on Investment?
  4. Accessibility?
  5. The speed of delivery?
  6. Response time?
  7. Ease-of-use?
  8. Increased quality?

NOTE: If it’s the only price, do you even want to compete unless you are positioned at the lowest cost?

If your customer knows what their ‘must haves’ are, it is your responsibility to evaluate whether you can meet them or if they are realistic.

So, if you know you cannot meet those ‘must haves’, you can either try to convince them that their expectations are inappropriate or unrealistic (i.e. their desire for a 100 times Return on Investment is unrealistic) or you accept defeat gracefully and not waste more time.

And if you know you CAN meet those ‘must haves’, then you can proceed to the next step (a quotation, demonstration, presentation, etc…) with both parties knowing and agreeing to “what’s it going take for you to win their business”. 

Assuming your results match those expectations/variables, you will likely win the business.

And also help them figure out what their ‘must haves’ could and should be. 

Maybe your customer has been buying from your competitor so long he does know even know what else is out there. 

Here is your greatest chance to explain to them what options exist and what benefits a CRM software company offer vs. their current option.

Know whats gonna make them buy? just contact us for more details on CRM software.

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