Simple Tips For Going Green At The Office Paperless Billing Software!!!

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There are so many little things that add up to big things when it comes to going Green Billing Software.

Here are some simple tips on going green that just about anyone can start up at the office.

Get a Paper Bin

Regardless of your job title, you are sure to deal with paper every single day.

Maybe it’s trade magazines or company reports, or whatever else it is that lands and piles up on your desk in paper form.

You might just be shocked how much you throw away until you get a box or bin to collect the paper.

Once the box is full, take it out the recycling bin. (Note: Be sure to shred the items you might even remotely consider confidential or sensitive.)

Replace Water Bottles With Filtered Water

You might think recycling your water bottles solves the eco- issue of drinking bottled water.

But really, the existence of the bottle itself takes energy, transportation and raw materials.

Drinking filtered tap water in a reusable container saves on bottles and cups, and can really make a difference for our environment!

Email Documents Instead of Printing Them

Most of us have documents to create, read and disburse in our jobs.

Think about all of the things you print out when you could be e-mailing instead:

  1. Financial documents
  2. Requests for time off
  3. Expense reports
  4. Meeting notes
  5. Price sheets
  6. Marketing pieces

the list goes on!

When possible, e-mail those documents instead of printing them. Many of them end up in the recycling bin or shredder anyway!

Sign Up for Paperless Billing Software

Paperless Billing Software is a little tough to start because we are used to having something tangible to organize and prioritize.

However, using paperless Billing Software can save on paper and energy.

Don’t forget, it also takes energy to deliver the mail that contains your bills, etc.

Sign up for paperless Billing Software, create an organization system within your computer, and you will contribute greatly to helping our environment!

Join us to go Green and have a Green office space, just like ours.

Contact Us for a Billing Software which will help the World to Grow Green.

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